December 4

You will be My witnesses!
Acts 1:8

As in a court of law we raise our hands and promise to tell the truth about Jesus!

We cannot save anyone but we can bring the presence of Jesus to them.

This means we would have to be spending time in the presence of Jesus if we
want to bring Him with us.

When we share the truth we are not
fighting people but against demons.

We do not beat them down with the truth. The Belt of Truth is not used for cutting but the Sword of the Word of God is.

Do not drop your Sword!

You cannot use the Sword if you have not been sharpening it by reading
and thinking the Word.

They shoot fire arrows to get us off on another idea but we use the Shield of Trust/Faith to stop these arrows
-not the Helmet of Salvation.

We will only confuse people if we do not know how to use the armor and practice
using it before we go out.

We can only tell the things that we
have seen and heard.
1 John 1:3

Do not get too far away from being a witness of what has happened to you.