December 5

God has not called many wise ones.

1 Cor. 1:26

Maybe you are one of the strong ones? You are too smart for the devil to tempt
you with much of anything?

A general always has extra soldiers waiting
if his first attack does not work.

Your enemy says it is about time for you to decide some things for yourself. He quietly asks if it is possible that you have not understood some Scriptures and need to do what you have been thinking about doing.

If you are not interested then he will ask you to do something to test God's love for you.

He says, “Go ahead and do it! If God does not want you to do this thing then He can stop you. For a strong Christian like you there are things like this that you can do and you do not even need to pray about it. Just use the wisdom God already gave you!”

If God has given you a sharp mind and you are able to see things that others do not see then even this can be used against you.

You may be guilty of secretly looking down on people who are not as smart as you. You feel sorry for them because they are babies compared to you.

You may have other things that you play with that you tell yourself cannot hurt you. You may be in danger right now and not know it!

Ask God to search your heart and see if there is some window or door open for the enemy to attack. It cannot be that the devil is leaving you alone and only attacking others.