December 6

Being sorry in the way God wants makes a person turn away from sin

2 Corinthians 7:10

Have you done something you should not have done?

If we are sorry for what we have done then we need to accept God’s forgiveness and commit
to not doing that thing anymore.

If we agree with God about our sin
He is faithful to forgive us.

1 John 1:9

The enemy comes and tells us that God is angry at us. The enemy tells us that God is now punishing us because we need to suffer for what we have done.

Jesus suffered on the cross to take the punishment for what we have done. That is why we do not take this forgiveness lightly.

The devil says that we have not shown God that we are sorry enough. He says we need to go into depression and cry longer over our sin. He says that the amount of sorrow needs to be the same as the amount of sin that we committed.

This is why we need the blood of Jesus because God is eternal and any sin against Him is impossible for us to cry enough about.

You are putting yourself in a pit if you think that you could ever be sorry enough to cover your sin. God has punished Christ for you on the cross. The devil wants you to punish yourself.

It will never work!